the setback

Time for some real talk, you guys.

OK. So we spent a lot of weekends welding on our additional pieces to the old trailer frame to make it wider and stronger. And we did! Look at all our welding! We are welders now!

We did it. The trailer was done. Wait, WAS? Is that a past tense I see?! Yes, dear reader, it is a past tense because the trailer was done for about 20 minutes. Let me tell you a story all about how our lives were flipped, turned upside down. I’d like to take a minute so sit right there and I’ll tell you how our trailer got un-trailered.

So stay with me here, the trailer is welded together, it looks like this, we can visualize the walls and furniture and dirty dishes in the sink.


But it’s really late at night, you guys. We are so tired, we have put in three full days welding the trailer and we want to go home. But if we want to build by next weekend, we need to have the trailer painted. So, we have to haul it.

We haul it. We haul it about ten minutes down the road before it comes off the hitch and rolls silently, beautifully, unstoppably into the ditch. Not just into the ditch, into a farmer’s fence. And then into a tree.

Now, the good news: The stuff we welded onto the outside stayed squared and lovely, and our suspension is OK.

The bad news: The old trailer parts, the inside box, is all warped and bent. The impact caused it to go out of square, and now it looks (mind the technical term here) all diagonally on the inside.

If you would all turn to page 2 and look at the diagram, I will try to explain more. The blue middle square on this picture is the old trailer, and the red parts are the parts that were added on by us. This is a bit of an old drawing, since then we have an addition of a few pieces cantilevered onto the back to hold up a water tank, but I digress. So, the red parts are OK, the middle blue parts are all messed up now.


We have a couple options for fixing it.

  1. We pay to have it bent back into shape: it costs about $2000 on average to bend a trailer back into shape, and it would never be QUITE the same again, but it would cost us no time or effort really.
  2. We cut out the parts of our trailer that are OK, namely the outside pieces, and rebuild the inside with new, stronger metal: We have the technology. This will cost us about $800 of scrap metal and another month or two of our weekends, but we come out with a better frame and foundation for our house.
  3. We cry over spilt milk, set the trailer on fire and buy ourselves a mansion to live like kings in.

Weighing our options, we went with good ol’ #2. Starting this weekend, we pull up our socks, put on our masks and some Eye of the Tiger and get this DONE (again).

It’s gonna be OK. Here’s an updated picture of the house from Trevor to make us feel better.

Ahhhh. So much better.

4 thoughts on “the setback

    1. No matter what you call it, it can be a positive if we want it to be. 🙂 Thanks for the support! I’ll wait on your willow weaving skills for future mistakes 😉


  1. Look on the bright side, the damage was minimal compared to having this happen with the house already built and all your possessions inside. Not sure what made it come off the hitch and the chains fail to save it, but a common problem is having the trailer tail heavy, as opposed to the recommended 10% on the hitch. I had a trailer with a load of scrap lumber for firewood where the wood shifted to the back of the trailer, on the Whitemud! I was lucky to get it stopped, then proceeded home at 40Kph, the max I could do before it started to fishtail. Anyways, good luck, and the finished frame will be that much better


    1. Yeah, we actually were very lucky all things considered. 🙂 It wasn’t after the house was built, it didn’t hurt anybody or destroy any difficult-to-fix property, etc…

      It came off the hitch because the ball wasn’t sized properly… We had the breakaway electric brakes on, but not the breakaway chains. So, it went off the road nicely at least. 😉

      Errrrrk that sounds like a nightmare, on the WHITEMUD of all places. You probably already had to pass like three accidents while you were fishtailing. 😉 Glad you were able to deal with the situation safely though!


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