the shell

Any hermit crab would be jealous of the shell we are making here. Here’s the update!

We have finished putting on all the hurricane ties and structural strapping, so our walls should be pretty solid if we ever move this bad boy (or girl, it’s 2016 after all) or get a big storm or something. Kenton and Jeff spent a day doing that, plywooding the rafters, and getting the battery box built.

Then we glued a bunch of rigid insulation over our beautiful skeleton to hide dem bones. And that roof. Thanks to Dave (who I hear is a daredevil with heights) and Ryan for coming out to help us out. Wall of famers. Once we have walls.

Now that there’s the rigid on the roof, we have it all tuck taped (hit the road, duct tape) so that it’s a water barrier. We officially have some kind of structure that actually shelters us if it were to rain! Remember that we’re going to spray foam in behind the rigid insulation when it’s all done, and that will close any gaps we might have behind the tape, and give us the majority of our R value.

Each step now feels like we’re building towards something, even if it’s a tiny something.


2 thoughts on “the shell

    1. R34. 🙂 With 3 1/2 inches of spray insulation at R7 an inch, then 2 inches of rigid at R5 an inch (walls and roof). The trailer frame will be filled with spray foam insulation, about 4 inches or so.


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