windows, doors, and interiors, oh my!

OK troops, much to report so get comfy.

We have finished the rigid insulation (for cozy warmness) and the furring strips (for siding attachment). Let me tell you a thing about furring strips: boo. They took so long to put on, and it was irritating to try to figure out exactly where the framing was on the other side of the rigid insulation to screw through to – but it did use up a bunch of leftover wood and it looks kind of nifty.

Ryan Freeman (from Freeman Tiny Homes) does something that looks important! also, furring strips half done.

Kenton and Ryan put in our windows and our door. Sorry, that didn’t accurately convey the proper feeling. Kenton and Ryan PUT IN OUR WINDOWS AND DOOR!! Closer. It looks and feels great. All our windows are operable, so it’s nice and breezy when you open them all up, and the double doors sometimes made us feel silly – we really had to fight to have the room for those bad boys – but they are a majestic beauty. Ryan apparently had to do quite a bit of wrestling to make sure the door went in straight, so we will have a championship belt to give him at the end of the build. We appreciated the suplex.

We threw on some housewrap! May have been redundant with spray foam but it is a good idea because it could keep air from passing through into our house through any cracks, and deter any wayward big bad wolves who may happen to huff and puff near our house. We wrapped it up good, and tuck taped all our holes and tuck taped the housewrap to the roof. No wind was getting in, not by the hair of our chinny chin chins.

Enough about the outside, what really counts is what’s on the inside, right?

We were having trouble figuring out how to mount the 4x4s that will hold up our lofts. Normally, the joists would rest on top of 2x4s that would nestle up against the wall framing. The issue was this: the framing on the opposite wall didnt match, and also there was a window and supporting studs the way that would prevent that from happening anyways. Here was our solution: we will screw in a beetlekill 2×4 (for prettiness) up against our walls, running parallel to the ground, and then put the 4x4s on top of that. Well, it worked out perfectly.

some would say it worked out picture perfectly

A big thank you to Beetlewood Industries for sending us some really beautiful pieces of wood – you can really see all that pretty pretty blue grey that this particular pine is known for. While I’m mentioning seeing beautiful details in wood, thank you also to the hard working Donat Carnegie for informing our decision on a finish (not a stain) for the wood, which really kept the soft pastel feel we were hoping to preserve.

We threw some plywood scraps up there so we could sit and feel it out. Let me tell you how it feels: good. Both of us can sit in there without banging our heads on the roof, and can make it to the short end without army crawling so we’ll call that a win.

our ‘playing it cool’ faces

We also got in our water tanks. There will be two water tanks for fresh water storage – one in the kitchen and one in the couch. The kitchen one is JUST too tall for a regular countertop for my regular-heighted self, although 6’4″ Kenton will tell  you it would have been fine. Mm-hm. So we will have one tall counter for the Mr. (otherwise known as storage counter), and the others will be a more reasonable height for the Mrs (otherwise known as actual food prep areas for normal people).

regular person and giant in tiny house

We moved our appliances into the kitchen to get a feel for how the space will do for walking around each other and to get the gears turning for how we want our kitchen cabinets arranged. We’re in talks with KitchenCraft on how to make the most of our space and the possibilities right now seem really exciting!

Next we will be installing our metal roofing, siding, mounting our solar panels and solar hot water heating systems. From the outside, our house will look finished!

It always sounds so simple when you can say it in one sentence.


3 thoughts on “windows, doors, and interiors, oh my!

  1. Eeeeeeeee! I’m seriously so excited for you guys! I hope I can get out to see it in person when I get back. I will ‘help'(bring cold drinks and cheer) when I can! 😉


  2. So proud of both of you….and your army of supporters! I imagine that it must be quite a rush to feel like you intimately know almost each and every nail, screw and wood panel of your home. So very awesome!


    1. thanks!! it’s really incredible to understand how the house works, why, and how it got there 🙂 i still can’t imagine how good it’ll feel to move in, though… 😉


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