baby steps: the outside and the inside

Getting the exterior painted was so clutch. Guys, we painted on the last warm day of fall. I think a lot of folks thought our siding was already painted, but it was only primed. We do not want our house “Ken Doll Beige” – not unless it also gets the 6 pack. We picked out the color with a fantastic interior designer, cat lover and pal, Rhonda Brynko from Precious Nest. She has been helping us out with all our “make this look good” needs! You should check her out because she will never tell you that something makes your house look fat.

Anyway we picked out this color:

Churchill, because it felt presidential

Then we painted it with all our friendly friends in only light jackets! So unheard of.

As you can see, it turned out a little brighter than we thought – apparently we were supposed to water down the paint? Who knew! But we love it this happy and bright anyways so forget it.

Our friendly neighbourhood mechanic and brother-in-law Rob got our lights up. Now we are LIT guys. Is that what the kids are saying? It’s a positive thing right?

KitchenCraft met up with us and gave us some pretty designs of what our kitchen will look like! We made some minor tweaks with the design but come here and drool all over these. Not so pretty in the thumbnail, very pretty up close so feel free to click on these bad boys.


We also got the utilities finished up juuuust in time for the spray foam guys to get in there. We had ours done by Dependable Spray Foam Solutions. Their guy Micah was awesome to us and shuffled things around to make sure we got it done in time! We got the underside spray foamed in as well as the walls and roof with 3″ to give us an R value of 21 added onto our rigid foam on the outside. It also acts as a vapour barrier and seals up all our little cracks so our house is pretty sealed up. Now even in really cold weather (-32, anyone?) we can heat it up with a heater.

Here’s what spray foaming looks like (messy and pink):


After the spray foam, we started putting up our interior walls. On the long walls, we are using 1/2″ good one side plywood. We screwed those up and sank the screws, then filled everything with a wood filler called Plastic Wood. It squished into all the cracks and kind of went on like peanut butter. We sanded that down, and all the walls one last time to try and emulate a smooth surface, then paint white. The one wall there with the tank on it is going to be stained the same color as out exterior, it is made of maple just like all of us Canadians.

I also found a scary face.

tiny house for sale: definitely not haunted

Um – anyway – now it’s time to paint the walls, get up our interior roof, and build our fancy custom furniture!


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