putting on the moves

Howdy and hello potential neighbours (no one can escape us now)!

We finally did it. We got hitched. To a truck.

Then we took this show on the road! Let’s talk about how this happens..

Since our house is oversized (9’5″ instead of the road legal 8’6″) we needed to get a permit. So here is how permitting works here in Alberta. So about 3 or 4 days before you want to haul your house, you gotta call up an agent and they honestly couldn’t care less what you’re hauling. Could be the pope, who cares! You really just need to give them the dimensions and the weight your axles can carry. They really mostly want to know about the truck. Who owns the truck, licence plate, insurance, what kind of truck, blah blah. Have all your truck fun fact sheets ready when you call them. We used a Dodge Ram 5500 borrowed from a friend who has to haul big ol’ tanks of fish to fill lakes. Neat right?! But I digress. So we moved our house from east of Sherwood park to west of St Albert, and that cost us an enormous, unheard of, obnoxious $35.

Then, we packed up all our stuff and folded the solar panels up against the house. The ones on the roof need to be folded down and slid to the back of the roof where the slope is lower. We measured the height of the house and it turns out to be 13’4″! So two Kentons. That means it is safe to take under the overpasses! Just like Kenton! Then we hitched it up to the truck that was going to carry all our hopes and dreams and massive amounts of anxiety.


Once we hauled it out, it ran like a dream. The truck had no problem pulling the weight and it was smooth smooth sailing thanks to our fancy Timbren axles. We definitely had some stares on the highway – and uh, not to brag, but check us out:


This brought us into the combine garage of a pal so we could work on it not in -32C with wind chill thank you thank you thank you! Seriously, thank you. We have made huge crazy leaps and bounds of progress since the move a few weeks ago so I’ll have to post you guys some updated pictures so you, too, can revel in its majesty.

Until our shared revelling…




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