what we did last summer

Hello folks! OK, I know it’s been a while since I updated and I really should have and I’m very very sorry, so let’s all be in a very thanksgivingy, forgiving mood, and enjoy looking at all the pretty pictures of all the pretty progress we made!

Our siding is on. We got it through Monarch, and I gotta say, I am very impressed. They were really helpful people, and made sure we were getting the best product for the job. If you’re looking for siding and you don’t know what you’re looking for, (or if you do), I would recommend checking them out.

We settled on LP Smartside, which is a wood composite. It has a bunch of nifty features, like being really really incredibly strong (vs golf balls and rocks, according to their studies), DIY friendly, and not being incredibly heavy and crushing our trailer’s axles. Big thanks to Ryan Freeman too, for all his hard work on installation! I want to warn you that we haven’t painted the siding yet…

It comes pre-primed but now with the weather being unreasonable, our paint will chip and crack in these sub zero temperatures. Rats. We will have to wait until spring, or until we find an indoor space to finish up.

but just as a friend

I’m sure you astute people noticed that we also have our solar gear on. We do!! Our amazing Trevor from NU Energy came out and helped us put on all the brackets he designed. We wouldn’t change the slope of our roof to be the best angle for the sun because we’re stubborn and he made it work! So that our house still sits within the 13’6″ height restriction, our solar panels will lay down on the roof below the highest point when travelling, and then we can slide them forwards and prop them up for capturing the rays of the sun and leaving the rest of the world in perpetual darkness.

We have been working hard on our utilities, because once they’re in, our house will have all its organs in order and we can spray foam it all in forever. So far our talented electrician friend Shaun has got half our wires run for electric, despite having just had a baby (!!!) and Sheldon installed our fancy metal roof despite having just had a baby (!!!). Sheldon brought such a cool, chill atmosphere to the site and he really knows his stuff. Check out his business, On Top Metals, in our sponsors section, cause he really came through for us and he has a cute new baby and I bet he’d show you pictures if you asked nicely.

Donat Carnegie is back helping us out with all our wood and painting projects. OK this man turned an old wine barrel into a friggin adorable bathtub/shower basin. I am not entirely convinced he isn’t a wizard. I am so in love with this thing, in the words of many wise teenage girls, I can’t even.


If any of you guys are interested in building a tiny house, or if you just want to be an uber nerd and learn everything about building one, Kenton is running a tiny house course in St Albert as a part of his army of permaculture workshops! It’s on June 24/25 next year. Check out his website to pick and choose or do them all to impress your friends and enemies.

See you guys soon when I have updates on the completion of our utilities, spray foaming and (gasp) the interior finishing!


8 thoughts on “what we did last summer

  1. Omgoodness! I am so stoked to have found you via FB Tiny House People! I will most definitely be taking the Tiny House training this summer with Permaculture. Btw, you said July, his site says June…
    Thank you so much for being a pioneer in this movement 😊


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